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What is self-assessment accounting service?Some could think of part of taxation or maybe some sort of income statement of a personal individual or a company but it also can be balance sheet produce for the yearly performance of individual earnings or even a company earnings annually.

Self-assessment accounting service is including all of the things mention above, it is a process where we in Cortex Birmingham accountings offer to our beloved customer, to alert our client the financial situation they undergo throughout the year or in currently they in.


  • The process of the higher managerial level (for the company) to evaluates their performance throughout the year, (for individual) process of evaluating the benefits gain during all transaction activity throughout the year.
  • (for company) implying correction in any areas that consider defect for future inability to perform. (for individual) same as the company below but more on the budget cash flow of the individual.


Among hundreds of accounting and taxation service in the market, what makes Cortex Birmingham should be the number one choice?

This is an easy question, you wouldn’t want any unprofessional or immature accounting firm to handle any of your accounting or taxation for your businesses, I won’t be a good decision, so if you don’t want any hassle at the end of the day, you should start role with us, the experts in accounting and taxation.

What if there are other professional accounting and taxation firm same as us, the answer is my friends, there is none other than us because we dedicated our life works in assisting you, and our company after quality rather than certain company are after quantity.


We gladly call our self as experts in accounting, where we know and we confident can assist you in any matter of situation, some of the customers have a lot of question coming to us on how about their financial situation, some of the most popular questions is:

  • How my financial situation?
  • How do stabilize my financial situation?
  • Am I’m going to declare bankrupt?
  • Can we be assists of taxation calculation?
  • How do I start spending on my business?
  • How do I expand my business empire?

Our answer to them:-

 No matter whatever their problem, we at Cortex Birmingham will assist you and help you to find the best solution there is depending on the situation of the client in.There is no accounting problems can’t be solved, for us, it is just a math number, where it can be easily calculated and forecasted for a better decision making for a bright future for our client.


If you are looking for professionals help you have come to the right place, hurry and contact us, because we don’t know, probably this call action you take might be a life changer for you and your partner and beloved ones or it might also be a game changer for your business development.

Acts for a better future.