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Cleartax Services specializes in financial accounting, which does not have a purpose of checking the value of a company, but monitor its transactions. Through the procedure, recording, summarizing, and presenting the transactions made by the concerned firm is being done. Corporate tax planning is executed accordingly using the balance sheet or income statement produced by the accounting team.

Routinely, firms, regardless of industry or nature, have to release financial statements. The submission of the related files is being done for the people peripheral to the company. These people include lenders, investors, stakeholders, and owners. Alternatively, if a company is traded publicly, circulation of financial reports is carried out instead.

We want to make this process easier for you. The completion of corporate tax planning itself is intricate and very sensitive since it involves the finances existing within the company, which also involves every person linked to its operations.

Corporate tax planning is accomplished from the fundamentals of business management. With Cleartax Services, experts could help you make every detail of your financial report free from loopholes. Among the services we offer related to business basic support are the following:

  • Bookkeeping:This service includes creating invoices, managing provisions of income tax, monitoring of expenses, tracking revenues, presenting a forecast of your business performance, and carrying out alterations for yearly reporting when necessary.
  • Accounting Management: This is another business basic support that is crucial as well since it covers technological, human resources, natural, and financial aspects of your firm. Activities involved are product costing, budgeting, price transferring, and most importantly, decision-making.
  • Payroll: Fulfilling the agreed upon compensation for your manpower is another key to keeping your operations going. Our experts will reduce your administrative-related tasks by taking care of monthly payroll, payslips, loans, insurances, and other benefits.


This is a task that is best left to professionals due to the versatile standards your company has to meet. With additional manpower from us, you can ensure smoother means of disclosing financials and addressing arising issues effectively. We can guarantee accurate, complete, and detailed reports in compliance with jurisdiction. Apart from the planning and reporting itself, we prioritize preventing risk areas that may influence your firm’s credibility in the future.

Included under this major service are the following:

  • Income Tax Specifics. The activities include preparing, accounting, and filing the related documents.
  • National or International Tax. Our professionals will carry out careful planning, auditing, and filing.
  • Analysis. The support team for your company will take care of studying price transfers. Consideration of incentives under the state and federal government will also be regarded.

There is more to what are written above. We specialize in customizing our services based on your existing needs and requirements. Cleartax Services is welcoming discussion on its financial services for your evaluation.