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Business Support Service


At CERTAX Birmingham , we offer you organized and efficient financial accounts of the financial affairs and successful transactions of your growing business. Numerous clients come to enjoy our experienced expertise because they understand its importance. This will empower you to seek and unlock new heights in the business field.

Your committed bookkeeper will give a helping hand in:

  •  Weekly & Nominal ledgers/invoices
  • Managing your Income Tax Provisions
  • Tracking your sales, expenses and calculate profits  
  • Giving you a professional insight of your business performance.
  • Having your End-of-year adjustments including prepayments and accruals.


We provide our clients with the highest levels of personalized services in financial accountability. With a streamlined understanding of your income statements, you’ll be able to make credible business decisions and investments in good time. At CERTAX Accounting Birmingham, our leading management accounts services aims to provide tools based upon your statistical and financial accounts information that we feedback you at regular intervals, recurring yearly. We focus on increasing revenue for your business through an appropriate approach in advice tips.

Financial accounting includes:

  • Monthly management accounts,
  • Variance analysis,
  • Industry reports and critical comparisons,
  • Financial Health check.


Management is the key to setting the strategy of your organization and coordinating the efforts of its employees or volunteers to accomplish its objectives through the application of the available resources. These will include financial, natural, technological and human resources. CERTAX Birmingham provides you expertise in financial control and reporting to assist in management in the formulation and implementation of your organization’s strategy. Whereby, decision matters within your organization through financial accounting to streamline the performance and management of control functions.

Issues to Managerial Accounting include:

  • Capital budgeting
  • Transfer pricing
  • Cost behavior
  • Product costing for manufacturers
  • Amounts needed for decision making


We at CERTAX accountancy have vast experiences in providing fulfilling payroll services to business of all heights. We understand that your workforce satisfaction is your business priority to maximize on more business productivity. Fortunately, using your financial accounts, CERTAX Accounting Birmingham has taken the burden to complete your monthly payrolls within a fraction of the time.

The areas we cover comprises of:

  • Processing of weekly and monthly payroll, RTI submissions
  • Payslips,P60 & P45
  • Tax and National Insurance advice.
  • Student loans,SMP,SAP & SSP.
  • Set-up and execution of Pension Schemes


We at CERTAX Accounting, Birmingham will help you make assessments of the actual changes in cash as opposed to accounting revenues and expenses from your financial accounts. Our selective expertise will look into your amount of capital expenditures for an accounting period and report it to you in the cash flow statement. This is where we’ll generate your cash flow analysis; an examination of your business cash inflows and outflows during a specific period.

On the other hand, budgeting gives you a profound insight of the ranking potential expenditures or investments that are significant in amount, called Capital Budgeting. This is a tool for maximizing your company’s future profits to assess whether your business will manage a number of large projects at one time.