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  • In the UK, there exists grants and various other funding initiatives amounting to billions specifically geared towards supporting new and existing businesses.
  • Sadly, many do not know that such funds exist, and the few who do rarely know how to access them. This is precisely where we come in as Cleartax Accounting Birmingham due to our prowess and experience in helping people acquire business grants.
  • In truth, landing a grant is no mean feat, and without a guiding hand, the labyrinth of requirements and prerequisites can deflate morale to the point of giving up. With us by your side, however, you do not have to worry as your chances of success will increase exponentially.
  • First of all, we will compile a comprehensive report of all the grants that your business can potentially benefit from. In this manner, the painstaking job of trying to locate the most suitable grant channels on your part will be eliminated.
  • Courtesy of our sophisticated search software and free grant-locator checklist, we will narrow down the channels of focus to only those that are most likely to bear fruit. This way, the probability of landing a grant will further increase.
  • Skillful in crafting winning grant applications, we will work with you to formulate an ironclad application that underscores the compelling aspects of your petition. Assisted by our seasoned experts, your application will be nothing but convincing.
  • Additionally, at all points of the process, we will give you sound, actionable advice and we will only consider our work done the moment the money is deposited into your account.

How we are different from other service providers ?

  • You will enjoy a free grant report and grant-finder checklist.
  • · We use sophisticated software aided by human effort to locate the best grants to apply for.
  • · We will be with you every step of the way until you witness the funds in your account.
  • · We have remarkable experience and a track record that gives credence to our veteran status in matters pertaining to business grants.
  • We are committed to serving you and we cannot wait to see your business goals realised. Call us today and take the initial step to secure funding for your business! We are excited about all we can do for you.