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Budgets and Cash Flow

Have you ever had a plan to be in financial freedom in your certain targeted age?

Have you ever thought that every plan you have made are not going according to what you have imagine?

And you start to wonders why all this is happening even you have try your hardest in planning every move you make for your personal financial or your company financial?

The answer is simple. You need an expert in financial flow in term of budgets and cash. Where you can find it? It just right in front of you now. CERTEX BIRMINGHAM we offer several of service in order to assists you making the right decision for you to spending your money necessarily.

What services do we offers to our beloved client:


  • Self taxation assessment
  • Retirement strategies
  • Personal financial consultation


  • Business taxation
  • Company taxation
  • Business planning and strategies

Our services are divided into two categories for our client to choose in term of our services.

On a short brief on personal consultation for own personal financial management, the best three we services that often our clients to know on what we stand for.

We stand for, what goods not for us but obviously the satisfaction for our beloved customer that repeatedly using our services.

The best three services we offer stated above are self taxation assessment, retirement strategies, and personal financial consultation. These are three most frequently services acquired by our client as we best know making the right decision at the right moment for our client.

We also provide services not only for personal financial control but also business purpose, most of our clients trust us in their future business prospect because our experts have wide range of contacts and a good hunch of predictions on any sector business our client involve.

When we talk about hunch, it is not meant by just a good feeling but with a good prospect of facts that will support every decision we will suggest to our client, so that our client will know what the risk they face and what the opportunity there are not seen from their perspective.

The three most famous services we offered and most likely subscribe by our client are business taxation, company taxation, business planning and strategies.

Sometimes a good plan just not enough to survive in the jungle market and you need an enforcer army to guaranteed the survival of your business, that’s is where we will come in. it is our job to ensure every step our client take will make a step of SUCCESS.

Don’t waste anymore time, hurry and contact us  for more info, we are eagerly to serve you our best services we could ever offer to you.

We are abide by the term of a step of SUCCESS are not given, it is created by those who really want to be shown the way, let us be your torch and light your way to SUCCESS in your financial freedom and zero poverty target life.