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Accountants for Landlords & Property Management Companies

Visit our offices at Cleartax Accounting Birmingham for specific tax advice, bookkeeping and accounts preparation about property portfolios and investments. This is a highly challenging business sector, and its finances can get complex, with many traps for investors, ill-advised or receiving bad advice.

Avoid losing vast sums due to fraudulent deals or paying huge penalties for making poor or uneducated decisions. Our Property and Real Estate Accountant staff has great skills and had been practicing in this area over the past many years and therefore our team has built up great experience in this field.

Cleartax Services provide the following services to our client under Property and Real Estate Accounting :-

  • Financing Transaction
  • Taxes on selling property
  • Property service charge audit
  • VAT
  • Tax planning
  • Back office support
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • The above services are provided to clients in the field of
  • Overseas investors
  • Construction industry
  • Property investment
  • Business centres and office space etc.

Retail,Residential and commercial sector