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Accountants for IT Professionals

IT contracting has gained limelight in the recent past due to most tax efficient methods,more freedom,less office politics , higher take home pay etc.

Cleartax Accounting Birmingham is one of the fastest emerging IT Contractors Accountant in UK with over plenty of clients.We provided proper feedback,unlimited meetings with clients,both on phone and face to face meetings.We have highly qualified accountants in UK and therefore we have great reputation in the market.

Cleartax Services provide IT Contractor Accounting Services to our client by covering and keeping in mind the following :

  • Completion of client’s company’s quarterly VAT returns
  • Completion of CT600 (annual Corporation Tax return)
  • Dividend planning advice
  • Completion of your company’s annual accounts
  • Run monthly payroll for one employee (typically the contractor)
  • Deal with all changes to your personal tax code or tax-related queries.
  • Completion of your company’s annual accounts
  • Answering any day-to-day questions you may have relating to your tax affairs.