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About Cleartax Accounting Birmingham Central

At Cleartax Accounting Birmingham, we take pride in providing great financial services so that you feel comfortable with your finances going forward. Our firm is located in Birmingham, UK. We have services in plenty of financial areas which makes us a versatile company. However, our primary focus is to provide accountancy and taxation services. Being versatile expands our services to the public we also offer our services out to anybody in the UK. This allows you to get any financial problems solved in one place without the hassle of going to multiple places.

Our Team

We have small but highly qualified, experienced and professional team of Accountant and Tax consultants. Cleartax Accounting Birmingham team keeps growing and growing; we hire high-quality accountants that have the know how to help you through any financial crisis. Since we multiple areas, we have a diverse staff when it comes to finances. With high-quality company members in different areas, it helps our firm to grow stronger every day.

What Makes This Company Great:

As before, the main focus of this company is to help the public with their tax problems and provide excellent accountancy services. Our tax services include a personal tax planning, a corporate tax planning, helping out with VAT returns, and capital gain taxes. We help you with your personal tax planning, organizing your finances so that we can reduce your taxes annually. Our experts give honest breakdowns of your current tax situation, helping out in any way we can, to make sure you understand the current state that you are in and what you need to do to fix your problems. If you have a business, we can help you to organize your corporation taxes and come up with a financial plan. We can also help with your finances, if you think they are getting out of hand. As for capital gain taxes, our experts can advise you on how to minimize your tax bill according to the recent legislation.

We offer plenty of other financial services that can help you, especially if you want to start up a business. At Cleartax Accounting Birmingham, our financial experts give business advice for every need, including starting up advice and help with getting business grants and loans. We understand that startup a business is challenging, especially if this your first time. Our business startup service will make a solid plan on getting started with your business. Here, our experts will plot the challenges you will face and how you will encounter them when you come across them. Starting up a business is challenging, so we also help you with finding business grants or if you need to, we do offer loans as well. We understand new businesses take a lot of work and finances can be a headache, so we provide these services to help you to be the best business you can be.

If you already have a business, Cleartax Accounting Birmingham also have services for you. We offer bookkeeping to help track your finances. Our expert accountants will help with your financial matters; here, we will give you advice on what needs to be done financially for your business. We also have payroll managements to help organize your employees’ finances as well as like their payment and tax forms. We will also examine your budget and cash flow, where your money is and should be going.

Reasons to pick Cleartax Accounting Birmingham

We are happy to help everybody, every business houses in tax consultations and accounting field. Our expertise can help with personal finances and business finances.
Our experts are masters in finances, giving you high-quality financial help. They are the definition of professionalism.
Our team will help you personally to help you build a financial plan, whether it is for your personal life or business. We will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with your financial decisions going forward.
We come to us, our experts will make sure you will understand your financial problems. They will help guide you through what decisions you need to make and why you are making them.
Even though we are located in Birmingham, we welcome anybody living in the UK to come and do their financial planning with us. We will always be happy to see you.